Multi-player real time quiz gaming

8 question types, polls, and supports single player mode
Multi-player real time quiz gaming

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GaRoot for classrooms, home or distance learning

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Gamify a quiz

You can gamify a quiz in less than 5 minutes and start playing straight away.

Because the quiz has been gamified, the quiz will have more real time engagement and kids will "actually" have the feeling of learning and winning at the same time.


You see the results real time, results include correct vs in-correct charts,

Results are handy to put a circle around problematic areas. You can visit the results anytime in future. Results are stored for up to 12 months.

Anytime Anywhere

You can share a GaRoot with children for them to play in single player mode to practice at home.

With distance learning, you can use applications such as Zoom to share your screen to host a GaRoot while the kids play using their devices at home.

GaRoot offers 8 different question types PLUS you are able to run polls too within the same game play. Polls enables you to collect valuable data in "real time", on any given topic which otherwise would be hard to collect. 8 question types includes Multi choice, Multi response, Math equation, Fill in the blanks, Open ended, True false, Correct sequence and Images as answers.

GaRoot's Short Story

GaRoot originated from a very brief conversation between our lead developer and his 9 year old son in year 2019. That conversation lead to another one and so on, GaRoot in essence is the result of those initial discussions between them. Both of them designed the application together including screens, basically this is just great as this means that even a 9 year old can gamify a quiz with ease. GaRoot has evolved now and is served from 3 locations, Australia, US and Europe. Let's find out a bit more.

A quick overview

  • Hundreds of public quizzes
  • 8 question types
  • Ability to run polls
  • Collaborate with colleagues
  • Real time
  • Ability to include question hints
  • Single & multiplayer modes
  • Share your games around
  • Super engaging
  • Multi language support
Online NAPLAN Practice

Stay Informed

When you host a game in your classroom or over video conference, you will get "real time" reports on how students are going. It's both enjoyable and engaging for students to participate in a hosted GaRoot.

Report includes details of correct vs incorrect answers for each player. You can then see where the short comings are (for a given topic) and can do something about it.
System shows the results in percentage of correct vs Incorrect answers. End of the day, GaRoot is an engaging engine where kids learn a concept rapidly and can have a sense of success.
You are able to check older results for up to 1 year unless you delete them, GaRoot holds the results of each game a player is part of for up to 1 year.


question types


Months of report storage


game modes. Single and multi-player


Core GaRoot Features

What we provide is exceptional gaming engine that is FREE and engaging at the same time. Below are some of the features that will help you understand what GaRoot is capable of. New features are constantly been worked on. Keep exploring and send us your feedback on what would you like to see in future.


8 Question types

Multi choice, Multi response, Math equation, Fill in the blanks, Open ended, True false, Correct sequence and Images as answers


Ability to include single or multiple poll question in your quiz, or mix up polls and other question types.

Information sheets

You can add an information sheet that will appear for a few seconds and supports up to 200 character length. Information sheets gets attached to a question and can be used as hints etc.

Single player mode

Most public GaRoots support single player mode. This means that you won't need two devices to play a GaRoot.

Multi choice questions with images as answers

You can add up to 4 images as answer choices. A minimum of 2 answer choices are required. Only JPEG or PNG files are accepted. For better display results, please use 16:9 aspect ratio. Image library is not available for answer options.

Question media

You can include rich media such as images (JPG and PNG) and YouTube videos in questions.

Image library

Search from over 1 million images. Safe search is on by default.

Auto pilot mode

You can leave the whole host in auto pilot mode where no manual action from host is required.

Manual mode

You can create challenge for students to play at their own pace at home in manual mode where student is hosting and playing the challenge.

7 supported image animations

Use image reveal with 7 supported animation types to super charge player focus

Between 1 - 500 players per game

Although up to 10,000 people can join your game, but we recommended up to 500 players per game.

Share your games

You can share your game in "Play only" or "Collaborate" mode with your friends or colleagues and give them whatever control you like

Full control on your data

You can make your GaRoot public or keep it private, you can delete it (if not public), you can delete the results etc


We only need to know your email address, nothing else is essential to play or host a game, players does not need an account at all.


GaRoot is FREE. Period.



GaRoot is offered for FREE, as long as we have teachers and players coming back to create and play new GaRoots, GaRoot will be FREE.

Amazing Journey

GaRoot started as a small project between a father and a son in year 2019 and soon took a serious turn where more and more work was poured to make it a class solution to gamify your quizzes in no time.

Here is our brief timeline on how far we have travelled in last 3 years.

  • Nov, 2019
    Initial conversation started, an idea was laid
  • June, 15
    Started laying out the minimum requirements for a viable product
  • July, 29
    First set of designs were ready
  • August, 10
    Technologies that are required to implement the project finalized
  • February, 20
    First version released in a private beta and rest is history, we are still continually upgrading and adding our applications.

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