SubjectCoach is all about Watch, Learn and Practice

Worksheets, Pre assessment tests, Adaptive maths skill builder, Adaptive english skill builder, Skill tests, NAPLAN Practice, Video Lessons, Typing Tutor etc are just part of the whole ecosystem.

With over 300 Maths worksheet generator for paper based practice, 20+ English worksheet generators, Grade 1 to 8 pre assessment math test generators, over 700 resources for online NAPLAN practice, this is just to name a few, we are consistently improving our applications, our aim is to provide children the best online adaptive learning platform which they can use anytime and anywhere to practice and learn new skills everyday.

Why use us.

  • Schools use SubjectCoach to manage their classrooms, teachers and students. Teachers can assign student practice tests, videos, real timer skill building etc, they can create their own online quizzes and have student complete those. Teachers can create Live practice drills for the whole classrooms.
  • Parents use SubjectCoach to help their child practice skills so they gain more confidence as they move to higher grades. Parents can assign lessons, tests, create worksheets, pre assessment tests just to name a few.
  • Students use SubjectCoach to Watch, Learn and Practice their core subject (Maths, English and Science) skills.
  • Tutors use us to get access to our software so they can generate educational material on the fly plus also put their profile up to get interested student contact them for private lessons.

Why did we developed SubjectCoach.

Prime motive was to bring high quality applications for parents and teachers to strengthen their child's/student's core skills

Lead developer and founder of SubjectCoach was once a tutor himself and still tutor his own kids. When he searched for a platform that would suit his children educational needs, he couldn't find anything that is easy to use and advance enough to help his kids , so he put his foot down and start developing and named the project SubjectCoach. His goal is to make SubjectCoach more appealing and a world class application to help kids across the globe.

What does SubjectCoach mean and why does it matter?

The most important point is that it's created and founded by an Australian, for Australians and our New Zealand friends. "Coach" is a generic term used for a person who gives private or specialized teaching. In that sense SubjectCoach means a specialized teaching provided by a person or a group for a given subject, be it Mathematics, Physics, Any kind of sport, Dance or Art and Craft etc.