Why use us.

Students use SubjectCoach to find an able mentor to help them study or re study subject that they think needs more attention.

Most of the time, a helping hand with a subject one is struggling with can be very beneficial and effective. Also students can book a tutoring session or a course online with SubjectCoach.

Why did we developed SubjectCoach.

Lead developer and founder of SubjectCoach (Jas Chahal) was once a tutor himself and still offers tutoring to his own kids. None of the Australian tutoring portal offer advanced services such as live whiteboard, shared presentations, video conferencing with support to text chat, selling tutorials, online course or offer bookings for tutoring services, also there was nothing that offers continuous communications in terms of a student manager. With SubjectCoach, tutors can create multiple listings for each of the subject they are expert in and start selling their services in less than 30 minutes. Of course, the bookings a tutor can get depends on competition as well. But all in all SubjectCoach helps tutors to manage their existing students and get new ones.

What does SubjectCoach mean and why does it matter?

The most important point is that its created and founded by an Australian, for Australians and our New Zealand friends. "Coach" is a generic term used for a person who gives private or specialized teaching. In that sense SubjectCoach means a specialized teaching provided by a person or a group for a given subject, be it Mathematics, Physics, Any kind of sport, Dance or Art and Craft etc.