Clock Controls

Interactive teaching Analog, Digital Clock, Interactively teach telling Time & Angles

Time is the most critical aspect of our life. Its importance can be seen by an entire accessory devoted to reading time.

As crucial as it is, learning to read time is rather a complicated process for some students. Teachers and parents have a hard time teaching their children the basic concepts of time and the working of a clock.

The complexity increase with clocks displaying roman characters. Moreover, some children, as well as adults, find it tough to understand time in 24-hour format.

To solve such common difficulties and to make learning a fun process, we bring you the interactive analog clock.

The purpose of this clock is not just limited to understanding time.

Apart from using a digital clock for teaching time, you can also use it to make other mathematical subjects easier to learn. Students, teachers, and parents can use this interactive clock to teach or learn about angles, fractions as well.

Benefits of using the Interactive Clock

This clock is made to utilize in five different ways,

  1. Demonstrate to the students how to use an analogue clock, student will learn to tell time by looking at the analogue clock.
  2. Demonstrate to the students how to relate analogue clock to digital time, student will learn to tell time by looking at the digital clock.
  3. Demonstrate to the students how digital clock can have time told in 24-hour format on in 12-hour format using AM and PM values.
  4. You can also use clock hands to interactively learn angles, Good edition for students from grade 2 onwards.
  5. A clock can also be used to learn fractions, maximum denomination is 60 and reflects the number of seconds.

Given below are some common controls to use the interactive clock along with how to use it to the benefit of students.

Common Controls of Interactive Clocks

Clock controls are given on the left side and are extremely easy to use and understand. Clicking on a particular bar enables it by turning it blue in colour.

  1. Digital timings:

    This section has two options, namely ‘visible’ and ‘hidden’. Clicking on the hidden mode hides the digital timing which is displayed otherwise. Clicking on visible brings it back. This ensures that the students don’t see the answer to your questions on digital time.

  2. Time formats:

    Clicking on ’12 hour’ enables the 12-hour time format (1 to 12), wears clicking on ‘24 hour’ enables the 24-hour time format (0 to 24).

  3. Time styles:

    Switch from Roman style to digital style to teach students how to read the clock in Roman style (X to XII) to digital style (1 to 12) respectively.

  4. Time modes:

    Real mode displays the real time. Use the dice mode to change the hands manually and teach.

Other modes of Interactive Analog clocks

Apart from the real-time and dice mode, there is an angle mode and fraction mode.

  1. Angles Mode:

    Learn about angles by using protector and arcs. Click on the protractor option to get protractor displayed on the clock and to move it manually. Click on auto to watch move along the hands of the clock. Clicking on arc shows the area where the angle is measured and displayed. You can even style the clock by clicking on this.

  2. Fractions Mode:

    You can decide how many fractions you want to divide the clock into by selecting the number. Interactive clock displays it visually as well as in the numbered form where the maximum denominator is 60 and reflects the number of seconds. You will also be able to see this fraction in the percentage form. Style the clock by clicking on thin or simple.

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Play around with the controls to make yourself comfortable. If you found any issues or would like to request a feature, please let us know by emailing us at support [AT] We hope this tool is useful for you as a teacher or parent, and students who want to practice time telling checking the analogue and digital clocks,

PS: This interactive digital and analogue clock works on Mobile Phones and tablets too, however, you cannot control the handles in Dice mode. We are working on it.