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Practice tests
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Selective Entry Accelerated Learning and Scholarship Practice Tests
(for academically gifted and talented students)

The entry to Selective High School classes is via standardised testing with primary focus on mathematics, general ability and english.

Thousands of places are available into selective entry high schools. The tests are basically IQ (Intelligence Quotient) style tests. These tests measure student's ability to solve problems without any prior knowledge. Whereas general ability (verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning) focus on how quickly a student will be able to learn unfamiliar topics and the level of complexity they can deal with, the achievement tests measure actual achievement or performance in key academic areas such as reading comprehension, mathematics and written expression.

SubjectCoach provide high quality practice to help you get familiar with the level of questions asked.

SubjectCoach could be a useful resource if your child is talented and is seeking a place into selective high schools or scholarship in private schools. The questions are high quality and developed by experts with PhDs. Detailed explanation is provided for each wrong answer for the student to learn from.


Core features

What we provide is exceptional Selective High School and Scholarship practice engine that will surely challenge your child. Below are some of the features that will help you understand what you will get. More content is planned for this product and will be released in coming months.


Detailed explanations

Students can review their answers and if they get one wrong, we provide explanation on how to solve it.

Unlimited test attempts

There is no limit to the number of times a student can take the test. Result reports are saved for one full year.

Time bound tests

Practice to manage time and take the exam time stress away. Our test engine has features such as marking questions for review, skip questions etc.

Practice to boost confidence

Quality questions will expose and get students think outside the box. This will surely help build their confidence in long run.

Maths skill builder

Students can practice core maths skills if they need more practice. Our Maths Skill Builder allows you to practice Foundation to Year 8 skills.

Compatible with touch devices

As long as you are using the latest version of a modern browser, OC practice engine will work across multiple devices.

Spelling Maestro

SubjectCoach's Spelling Maestro includes core words library of 3500+ words. Around 350+ unique words per year level of varying complexity with meanings, example sentences etc.

English Skill Builder

Students can practice core english skills if they need further understanding on a given topic.

Intelligent scoring

Scoring is reflective of question complexity. Example: Student will score a point by solving a single step problem, and could score higher if answering a complex problem.

5 tests

We have 5+ quality practice tests and counting.

Strand analysis

Your answers to mathematics questions are evaluated by math strands which may lead to identifying problematic areas you will need to focuc more.

300+ video lessons

300 plus videos lessons covering core maths and english topics can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.


Teachers and parents can create an OC practice test classroom assignment. Reports are available for upto 1 year.

Full control on your data

Parents can delete student accounts which will delete all data associated with their account including reports, awards etc.

So, what are you waiting for? let's go!