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Spelling maestro beta (version 1.0.2)

English by far is one of the most complex languages in the world. It is made even more complex by variations and exceptions that applies to subset of rules governing the language. SubjectCoach's spelling engine has built-in words, synonyms, examples & definitions support and serves several English speaking regions including Australia, New Zealand, the UK, India & the US.

Our FREE to use spelling engine will help students learn and practice various spelling patterns, irregular words, sight words, homophones etc. Over 3500+ words to practice and learn from plus more added on a regular basis. You will surely see an increase in the ability to process text and understand its meaning. Each practice session will have words with varying complexity.


Core Spelling Maestro features

What we provide is exceptional spelling mastery engine that is FREE and engaging at the same time. Below are some of the features that will help you understand what Spelling Maestro is capable of. Keep exploring and send us your feedback on what would you like to see in future.


Words sorted by age

Students can practice new words by their year level. Start with sight words and move up one step at a time.


Reports compares correct versus incorrect answers plus the time student took to spell the word.

Custom lists

Teachers and parents can create custom word lists and assign the list as an assignment.

Voice processing

When you create new word lists, each word is automatically voice processed in British and Australian accent.


Teachers can use a SubjectCoach core word list or create their own word list to create a classroom assignment. Same list can be assigned multiple times.

Compatible with touch devices

As long as you are using the latest version of a modern browser, spelling maestro will work across multiple devices.

3500+ words

SubjectCoach's core words library is made up of 3500+ words. Around 350+ unique words per year level of varying complexity.

Adaptive by default

Students managed by parent or school accounts get the lists curated algorithmically which means that each list is created taking your past results into consideration.

Word definition

Spelling maestro has built in word definition support.

Language features

Each word during a session is shown with details such as part of speech, other definition, example sentence (voice only), synonyms etc.


Spelling maestro comes with progress timer to help you track time you spent practising.

Unlimited words

Custom lists can have as many words as you like. Practice session for each student however will have 10-12 words only. Minimum of 10 words are needed for a list to become assignable.

Full control on your data

You can make your custom lists public or keep them private, you can delete the lists (if not public) etc


Spelling Maestro is FREE. Period.

So, what are you waiting for? let's go!

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