Sharing responses and expressing a point of view

Author: Subject Coach
Added on: 6th Oct 2016

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Discuss literary experiences with others, sharing responses and expressing a point of view. This lesson is about writing a review for a book you read, why is it important to leave a review.

Author: Subject Coach
Added on: 6th Oct 2016

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- sharing and discussing students’ own and others’ understanding of the effects of particular literary techniques on their appreciation of texts

- drawing comparisons between multiple texts and students’ own experiences. Commenting orally, in written form and in digital reviews on aspects such as: 'Do I recognise this in my own world?'; 'How is this text similar to or different from other texts I’ve read?'; 'How common is it to human experience in the real world?'; 'What new ideas does it bring?'; ’How do they fit with what I believe?'

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