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The skills below are 100% aligned with Australian and New Zealand school curriculum and up to 90%+ with common core english. Skills are organized into groups and are ordered in a way we think would be useful. To master a skill, you will have to gain 10 stars (In case of a classroom initiated time-bound practise session, the time you can practise and the skill level is determined by your teacher).

There are 3 levels to each skill,

  1. Easy: A star will be taken away if you get 3 consecutive wrong answers.
  2. Medium: A star will be taken away if you get 2 consecutive wrong answers.
  3. Hard: A star will be taken away on each wrong answer.

Most skills have multiple type of questions with varying difficulties. If you keep getting wrong answers, system may give you the simplest of question to answer. Idea is to have you master these skills with a ground up approach. If you get an answer wrong, you can read the solution and helpful tips that briefly explain the skill/topic you are practising.

All the best with your Foundation english. If you see any issue, please do report it by clicking the red button at bottom left of this page.

Under development (100+ skills available by end of July)

Speed up

  1. Consonant sounds and letters

    1. Identify words with same starting sound
    2. Identify words with same ending sound
    3. Identify word that starts with a specific letter
    4. Identify word that ends with a specific letter
    5. Choose words starting with a specific sound
    6. Match letters to a consonant sound.
  2. Consonant blends and digraphs

    1. Use correct initial consonant blend to complete the word
    2. Use correct final consonant blend to complete a word
    3. Starting consonant blend
    4. Ending consonant blend
    5. Pick a correct digraph
    6. Identify the starting consonant blend
    7. Identify the ending consonant blend
    8. Sound of words ending with -ss, -ll, -ff, -zz, -ck
  3. Practice short vowels

    1. Select short a word matching the picture
    2. Fill blanks to complete the short a word
    3. The short a practice with sentences
    4. Select short e word matching the picture
    5. Fill blanks to complete the short e word
    6. The short e practice with sentences
    7. Select short i word matching the picture
    8. Fill blanks to complete the short i words
    9. The short i practice with sentences
    10. Select short o word matching the picture
    11. Fill blanks to complete the short o word
    12. The short o practice with sentences
    13. Select short u word matching the picture
    14. Fill blanks to complete the short u word
    15. The short u practice with sentences
    16. Recognize the short vowel sound in a word
    17. Use the correct short vowel to complete the word
    18. Unscramble the short vowel word
    19. Use the correct short vowel word to complete the sentence
    20. Which word has the short a sound
    21. Which word has the short e sound
    22. Which word has the short i sound
    23. Which word has the short o sound
    24. Which word has the short u sound
    25. Practice by answering short vowel words question