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I quite enjoy Maths and it's one of me favorite subject, I'm a foreign student ( Vietnam ), 16 years old, in my country, I've got 9/10 for Maths . I could tutor student from the age of 8 to 14 or 15 . Students could contact me to discuss study time . For students are going to school, I can help them with their Maths problems at school; if you would like me to teach other Maths knowledge, I would help you as far as I know Min hourly is $15 , bus fee is about $2 ( one student only ) If you study as a group, each students will cost $10 , bus fee for all is about $2 Only teach at your places

  • Maths
  • Vietnamese
Expertise on above subjects
  • Private Tuition
    (One to One tuition)
  • Group Lessons
    (Teaching two or more students in one session privately)
  • Home Visits
    (Visting students home for private lessons)
  • Phone help
    (Helping students over phone)
  • Online help
    (Using Online Classroom, Skype, Yahoo, Google hangouts, Emails etc)
General rates information
$17 per hour
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Australian Capital Territory

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