Brisbane Tutor in Cantonese, Drums, Economics, English, Finance, Guitar, Hip Hop Dancing, Mandarin, Maths, Singing, Statistics (see below for full list of subjects and levels)

Language:I am good at Chinese language including Mandarin Cantonese and even Teochew. With good oral English ,so I can teach you Chinese Mandarin , Cantonese, just pick one. I am also good at Guitar and vocal singing, I have lots of performance experience with my own band, therefore I can teach you basic guitar skills for beginners.And singing skills. I can promise you will learn at least 3 songs with guitar in a week practice. Thus , contact me for language and music study if you are interested in. I am really nice!

  • Cantonese
  • Drums
  • Economics
  • English
  • Finance
  • Guitar
  • Hip Hop Dancing
  • Mandarin
  • Maths
  • Singing
  • Statistics
Expertise on above subjects
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    (One to One tuition)
  • Group Lessons
    (Teaching two or more students in one session privately)
  • Teaching Studio
    (Proper classroom setup inside your home or elsewhere)
  • Home Visits
    (Visting students home for private lessons)
  • Phone help
    (Helping students over phone)
  • Online help
    (Using Online Classroom, Skype, Yahoo, Google hangouts, Emails etc)
class A of mandarin IELTS 7 CLASS 7 of guitar skill.
General rates information
For Cantonese, 22/hour , and can be negotiated . For Guitar , 25/hour, can be negotiated depends on the teaching way. Student DiscountMention that you found this advertisement on Tutor Finder and you will receive your first lesson for half the normal hourly rate ($11 instead of $22).
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