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  • Student can download worksheets, use tools such as our Adaptive Math Skill Builder platforms, typing tutor and so much more.

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SubjectCoach Features


SubjectCoach™ is set of tools to help you with your daily tasks, With SubjectCoach™ you can manage your bookings and students in one place, all of this can be done from your portal.

  • List yourself as tutor

  • Drive targeted students

  • Widgets

  • Communicate with your students

  • Take bookings as per your availability

  • Make use of various tools

  • Web analytics for your listings

  • Reports

Promote your expertise

You are able to create a single listing for each subject your are expert in and explain in detail what kind of help you can offer, its more like a table of contents highlighting your knowledge on a particular subject. The more details you can provide, better it will be for students to do their due diligence.

That's just the start, you are able to do heaps more

Receive targeted students

With SubjectCoach, When parents are looking for a local tutor for a specific subject for their kids, your listing will show up on our map based search. We also make sure that your listings gets right into the search engine indexes.

All we are interested in is that you get quality students and a student get a quality mentor for a subject that they want help on.


This is an important bit, we do our bit in promoting you, but you can do your bit and put your availability timing widget on your website so that students can check in real time whether you are available on a given day/time.

Widget can be embedded on any website, blog etc. We offer all sort of help in with widgets in case you need a hand. Do let us know.

Communicate with your students

You can link Mandrill to your account, you can send email to and individual student or a group of students, you are also able to setup groups and add students to that group. You can also send SMSes to either individuals or to student group for any alerts such as "A class is delayed by an hour" etc. Valid mobile numbers must be provided for this feature to work.

Please note that SMS credits is a separate product and is not included in your plan.

Take bookings as per your availability

You can add your availability for a day and even for an hour of the day with over easy to use booking calendar system. Students can create a booking and we will dispatch all the money we collect on your behalf on a 7 - 10 rolling day basis.

Bookings module also works for online courses.

Advanced Reporting

We offer detailed reporting on things like revenue, bookings etc

We are always working hard to improve on reporting by taking feedback from Tutors and implementing most requested reporting features.

Detailed Web analytics

Ever wondered how many students searched for a tutor in your area and your listing was shown?

We made it easy and we offer analytics for all your listings. Data helps you track your listing performance.

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